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 | Stretch Online Easter 2021

Dorian Bonelli



In this workshop we will create and share text around the topic of absence and abstinence, about that which is missing, that which was lost. How this feels and what we become aware of. Also about that which we imagine to fill the gaps, that which might grow from the debris. This text will result from a process of exchange, collective imagination, a confrontation with the ideas and wishes of others. This kind of writing might be transformative.


Dorian is an artist based in Vienna.  Coming from power play and pain sexuality he is fascinated by the possibilities of an embodied mind/mindful body practice. Switching from solo performance work to creating spaces for collective creativity he experiments with tasks, choreographies of power and installation work. As a facilitator he teaches non-dualistic thinking and non-linear writing to a big variety of communities and is best known for his playfight-workshops. Recently he became involved in creating ritualistic tattoo-sessions.

16:00 - 17:30 CET


The list of facilitators and the program of Stretch Festival for Gay, Bi, Trans & Queer Men are subject to last minute changes.

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