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 | Stretch Online Easter 2021

Robert Van Ravens

Queer deities


"Meditating on the qualities, the colors and healing aspects of several Queer deities from different cultural backgrounds. Inviting their Spirits into our hearts, consciousness and surroundings. 

What can Queer history mean to us nowadays? A colorful journey connecting Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Aztec mythology, traveling  from Ancient Greece, Egypt, Africa to Scandinavia.. 

Embrace the peace, power and harmony our rainbow tribe has blessed the world with and find support in life's challenges aka lessons.

Empower yourself with the inspiration of Queer deities. "


Robert has a background in dance & theatre. He works as a massage therapist, healer, sexological bodyworker and Sacred Intimate. Robert has followed a path of Plant Medicine for over 25 years, his studies with plant teacher Ayahuasca has influenced his work greatly. He is an initiated healer in Umbanda ceremonies, an Afro-Brasilian religion that acknowledges nature elements and deities as a spiritual pathway. Oxumaré (rainbow) is the base for his ceremonies celebrating our tribe of rainbow warriors. Since 2019 he is studying De-armouring including the healing of Sisterhood. Uniting the Queer Spirit with the sacred Feminine. Robert travels the world offering his rituals and sharing the magic and inspiration he received during many journeys inner and outer worldly.

18:00 - 19:00 CET


The list of facilitators and the program of Stretch Festival for Gay, Bi, Trans & Queer Men are subject to last minute changes.

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