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 | Stretch Online Oct 2020

Dorian Bonelli

Bow to Yourself - Scores for Playful Fighting


When you forget all your dualistic ideas, everything becomes your teacher, and everything can be the object of worship.” Shunryu Suzuki Playfight is an encounter between dominance and dance and a field of creativity that undermines habits of competition. A playground that frees us from attitudes of othering. From here we can start a creative process using verbal instructions as inspiration. By getting into contact with another man´s power we get into contact with our own unique expression of strength. Bring pen and paper. Open Cam obligatory.


Dorian Bonelli twin artist pansexual bike messenger performer writer non-duality shape-shifting tasks scores minimalism trans animal movement playfight vienna berlin collective creativity

13:00 - 14:30 CET


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