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 | Stretch Online Oct 2020

William Yensen

Peaceful Body - Present Mind: Awakening Freedom and Peace through the Body


Meditation is fundamentally about redirecting our attention from the state of doing to the state of being. Restoration, relaxation and rejuvenation from within. We will engage and unwind our bodies through conscious and qualitative movement, and gain access to a new experience of our selves and our sense of aliveness. Moving mindfully into stillness enhances the quality of our life experience. In this 75 minute workshop we will explore gentle movement exercises that are intended to sooth and tone our nervous-system and then we’ll enter a period of silent sitting.


William Yensen is an artist, musician and Integrative Therapist with a long-time practice in yoga, meditation, dance, energetic coaching and somatic therapies. His style is informed by his love of nature and his deep exploration of the evolution of consciousness, as well as many years of education in the field of psychotherapy and mindfulness. He finds joy in helping others to experience themselves and their lives with curiosity, compassion and intimacy.

16:00 - 17:15 CET


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