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Being with apart


13:00 - 14:30

Mike O'Connor


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Where do the borders of our skin extend beyond the physical self? Neuroscience shows we register touch before touch actually happens. Exploring the pre-touch space of ourselves and another, we find new ways to be entangled, and navigate a ‘being with’ and ‘being separate’ simultaneously. A slow-motion play between that which does the sensing and that which is sensed allows us to feel our borders expanding.

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Mike O'Connor

Mike is a dancer, choreographer, somatic bodyworker and currently a PhD candidate at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, exploring movement as a tool to blur mind, body and environment. Working at the intersection of cognitive science and dance since 2011, his artistic work articulates human perception as performative tools, specifically empathy and metaphor as ways of communicating. He teaches creative practice workshops throughout Europe to university students and teams.

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