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Genital meditation


16:00 - 17:30

Julian Martin


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In most of our sexual activities, we increase excitement in a short time from zero to 100%. With this partner exercise using genital touch we examine what happens if we stay consciously in the range between 20 and 80% over a longer period of time. What happens in our body? Are there any wishes coming up? How can I influence and control my arousal by breathing? You can bring a partner or find a random partner during the workshop.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Julian Martin

Julian originally studied acting, singing and dance before he discovered his passion for massage and bodywork. He regularly organizes and leads courses for men and weekend workshops in Zürich under the title of “Men Bodywork”. The main areas of work are breath, voice, movement, touch, self-acceptance and the discovery and expression of your own needs as the key to a free and fulfilling (sex) life.

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