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Hands-on genital peepshow with your gender queer friends


16:00 - 17:30

Ayo Gry & Marijn Kuijper


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This is a fest for all genders, it addresses the long history of cultural and sexual separations between different genital anatomies and narratives of pleasure. This is an invitation to meet and greet a wider spectrum of pleasure organs such as the: vulva*clitdick*penis*cunt*pussy*cock*dickclit*lipstickles*self lubricating hole*energetic cock*energetic vulva*pleasure cave*sea slug*octopus etc….
We have invited a group of gender queer pleasure enthusiasts who will show and tell in the form of a playful light peep show and create an unique social situation. Let’s explore our questions and curiosity in a peaceful, safe, non-judgemental, expectations free, fun and connective way.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Ayo Gry & Marijn Kuijper

Ayo Gry (they/them or he) is a queer pleasure positive explorer, sexological bodyworker and mind/body therapist. They are co-founder of Skinship_Berlin - a touch based place for kinship, where they facilitate somatic journeys for individuals, couples and groups. They believe that cultivating a sense of belonging within ourselves, to each other and to nature is crucial for healing and growth.

Marijn Kuijper (he/they) is a visual artist and sexual health educator. He identifies as queer, trans and non-binary. As an artist and educator he believes that storytelling is the best way to make people question and rethink norms about gender and sexuality.

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