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Intersectional masculinities


16:00 - 17:30

Tony Whitfield



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Many of our lives have been shaped by ongoing struggles with the domination of white heterosexual men. Those struggles are complicated by our own embrace of the masculine aspects of our beings and the extent to which our changing individual practices of masculinity defy and are undermined by the dominant stereotype. In this workshop we will explore the intersectional relationships of race, gender, economics, ethnicity, ability and religion on the construction of our authentic, forgiving, thriving and rich masculine selves.

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Tony Whitfield

Tony Whitfield is a multi-media artist, designer, educator and occasional curator whose works have been shown and collected in the US, France, Italy, Germany, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Japan. Professor Emeritus at Parsons School of Design, he has taught at numerous art and design schools in the US and abroad and held leadership positions in NYC’s arts organizations and government.

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