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Queer nature inside


13:00 - 14:30

Steffen Taubert & Jochen Kleres


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Nature is around us, nature nourishes us, gives strength and life. It is a place of longing and refuge. In this workshop we want to bring nature into the festival as imagination and an inner place. With body-oriented individual and couple exercises as well as dance improvisation we will experience what nourishes us, gives us strength and offers us refuge. In doing so, we explore our limits and, playfully, get in touch with ourselves and other men.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Steffen Taubert & Jochen Kleres

Steffen Taubert, graduate psychologist, training in integrative, body-oriented psychotherapy. Further education in behavioral-orientated stress prevention, autogenic training, Hatha- Yoga (certificated by health insurance companies according to §20 SGB V). Several meditation retreats in South East Asia and Germany, mostly in the tradition of Theravada Buddhism.

Jochen Kleres is a sociologist and aspiring dance therapist. He's a certified healing practitioner for psychotherapy. He loves dancing improvisation dance (contact improvisation, instant composition, Gaga) and playing the bassoon. At the Village he volunteers as one of the facilitators of the Queer Contact Improvisation Lab & Jam/DisDance.

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