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Death & loss for queer people

Axel Nielsen & Raf Beck

Axel (he) | Raf (they)



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After being born, death is perhaps the only thing we can be completely certain will happen to us all. To live and to love, also means to lose. Yet, for many of us death and loss are topics that can be hard to talk about and a universally shared experience can lead to isolation instead of connection.

Inspired by a format called “Death Cafe”, we will create a space to share, to feel and to embody what changes when we experience death and loss. Guided touch is part of the workshop, but is of course optional.

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Axel Nielsen & Raf Beck

Axel is a bodyworker and somatic experiencing practitioner based in Berlin. He has a background in social justice and has mainly worked to improve acces to health care for transgender and non-binary people. He works with an embodied approach to therapy, to support people of all genders and sexualities to live empowered lives. He is the co-curator of the Stretch Festival.

Raf is a white, British, queer, transmasc non-binary kinkster, living between Berlin and London. They are an educator, facilitator and coach, working in the areas of health, sex and BDSM. They are especially proud of their intergenerational networks and relationships.

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