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After Glow

Andi or Andiva

any pronouns



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Did you enjoy the people and the vibe throughout the weekend and are still not ready to let go of it completely? Join the “After Glow” at Salon d’Andi! This is a safer / brave space where we hang out, have talks, cuddle or just simply enjoy each others company. Every energy is welcome. You take care of your own desires & boundaries. There will be a quiet “zoom-out-room” for resting or not wanting to socialise and a huge balcony.
I am hosting but neither serving or entertaining. We all enjoy ourselves equally while feeling at home. Just bring snacks & drinks, but no alcohol please! This is a sober event!
The location will be announced via email and during the festival. Look out for the note at village! Mother is looking forward to see you there!

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Andi or Andiva

Who is mother?
Andi or Andiva identifies as queer trans non-binary and believes in the power of drag to reveal yourself. A year ago I created the Salon d’Andi to host monthly gatherings to provide a safer / brave space for the queer community. I am interested in bringing people together, celebrating diversity, gender identities, sexuality, authenticity and improving communication towards oneself and each other by experience-based coaching with my new project ANDIVERS!

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