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Beyond the surface - Unmasking your authentic self

Dennis Obanla & Nadine Waser

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Join us in a tantric journey into embracing your authentic self in a place where you can shed your layers and let go of judgments and expectations. A conscious practice where we tune into ourselves and others with deliberate slowness, conscious intention, and relating through curiosity and compassion. We invite you to slow down, connect with your inner world, and explore your emotions and expressions freely.

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Dennis Obanla & Nadine Waser

Dennis (he/him) - @returningtoslowness
As a queer Berlin-based facilitator, Dennis offers tantra- and soma-inspired spaces for self-discovery. Drawing from his healing journey, he emphasizes emotional engagement and conscious slowness, guiding others towards authenticity, various layers of intimacy and resilience.

Nadine (she/they) - @thecompassionatespace
Nadine’s mission is to create authentic spaces where humans can be humans again, using embodiment and empowerment to move towards a full authentic expression. She coaches 1:1 online, offers workshops in Berlin, and organizes mindful Embody walks in nature.

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