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Blindfolded Clay Healing Journey

Thuli Wolf

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This Blindfolded Clay Healing Journey allows you to let go of all expectations and fully surrender to the grounding material of clay. By completely relying on you sense of touch you can enter a meditative state, while exploring your connection to your inner world, your trauma and conflicts. In a joint letting go ritual we will free ourselves from past pain and create space for the new. Experience intuitive creation as a playful approach to healing.

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Thuli Wolf

Thuli Wolf is a medical doctor, artist and art therapist, working as a coach. She hosts workshops, 1:1-Coachings, Group-Coachings and Team Events. She has given several talks on creativity and mental health at known events such as Forward Festival and Creative Mornings. It is her mission to enable people to live a more creative and therefore healthier life.

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