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Simo Vassinen

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The energizing and grounding workshop mixes dynamic meditation, techno and psychoanalysis as a shared "question incubation". We examine a topic selected together through various body activations – with the help of pumping rave beats. We zoom into age-old techniques of ecstasy and look for a mindshift through the body. How does the question look like at the end of a two-hour portal? Bring something to write with.

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Simo Vassinen

Simo Vassinen (FI/DE) is a dancer, performer, writer, translator, Pantarei bodyworker and former futures researcher. He currently works in Germany and Finland with an urge to combine the transcendence of dance and rave culture with psychoanalysis, dynamic meditation, bodywork and futurology. Simo has presented Bodytalk in e.g. Kiasma Museum and the Untitled futures festival in Helsinki, Ponderosa dance center in Brandenburg, and The Borderland in Sweden.

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