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Breaking bread and bouncing buns

Mike O Connor

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Let’s wrap up the first day of the festival with a picnic extravaganza in Gleisdreieck Park! Berlin locals, feel free to bring some blankets and prepare a dish that's easy to share. Everyone can grab some bread, veggies, a summer watermelon—make it colorful. Don't forget something to drink, and let's see what rainbow of foods we create together. We can let our hair down or bounce our buns. Whether we decompress or twilight twerk, let’s vibe together as the summer sun sets.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Mike O Connor

Mike is a dancer, choreographer, and somatic bodyworker. His PhD research explored movement as a tool to blur mind, body and environment. Working at the intersection of cognitive science and dance since 2011, his artistic work articulates human perception as performative tools, specifically empathy and metaphor as ways of communicating. He teaches creative practice workshops throughout Europe to university students, teams and in retreat formats.

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