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Cacao ceremony

Roby Two Spirits

they | them | all pronouns



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Let’s surrender to the power of Cacao during the Full Moon at Stretch Festival, a time for endings, cleanse and renewal of our energy. This will be a space to connect with our inner child and open our hearts together with other beautiful GBTQ+ souls. This collective healing will include a medicine music singing circle that will elevate the vibration and conscious movement to embrace the playfulness of Cacao.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Roby Two Spirits

Roby is a 35 years old Two Spirits being coming from Chile. They are a devout practitioner of Camino Rojo traditional rituals for about 5 years, has done 9 days of Vision Quest and holds a Sacred Pipe. Roby leads Cacao, Rapé and Tabacco Ceremonies, guides singing circles and also gives diversity & inclusion, mindfulness and tantra yoga workshops in Berlin and around the World.

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