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Chanting body

Armando Garrine

all pronouns



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Dancing forces you to reconnect with your body. Within our society we are trained to constantly use our minds to think through problems and trauma to find meaningful solutions. Let’s focus on the body, because: The body keeps the score. Long term, trauma and stress have an immense impact on the body.

Dancing allows you to re-connect with your inner self, restore balance and nurture your soul, and mental health. We will journey through images, emotions, different levels of intensity, through continuous movement and inner exploration. Get ready to sweat and turn your brain off. It will happen, if you let it :)

No dance background is required!

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Armando Garrine

Armando Garrine is a Berlin based POC, queer person working in the field of Organisational Psychology. Inspired by Nichiren Buddhism , they believe that every single individual has unlimited potential, and that art is a very powerful expression of individuality and connection unconscious self. Music, lyric singing and classical piano, and dancing have been active passions that occupy a big portion of their life.


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