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Dose of pleasure: dancefloor meditation

Alvin Collantes

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Dose of Pleasure is a dance floor meditation practice that came out of the Corona lockdown in Berlin, Germany. In these sessions, we go by three principles: RELEASE - RECHARGE - REMEMBER
Releasing the tension and recharging your batteries so we can remember who we are. Get ready to scream, shout and dance your heart out through the power of groove, turning your flaws into pure gold and celebrating the beauty of all your humanness.

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Alvin Collantes

Alvin is a Filipino-Canadian queer dance artist, Certified Gaga teacher and photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Alvin started his work as dance artist in Toronto at the age of 18 and he completed the Gaga Teacher’s Training Course in 2018. Alvin facilitates a dance floor meditation session called “Dose of Pleasure” that empowers humans to make impactful change by harnessing the power of groove and cultivating the pleasure body.

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