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Desires & Requests

Kai Ehrhardt

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This workshop is an opportunity to be more daring about verbally expressing your needs and desires when it comes to intimacy and connection - while also respecting and expressing boundaries. An opportunity to tune into what you want and to express it clearly, or perhaps tenderly and with compassion observe what may get in the way. Needs and desires are an essential part of our lives. And even though not every need or desire can get fulfilled - is it still possible - to a degree - to be nourished by desiring in and of itself?

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Kai Ehrhardt

Founded Village.Berlin (today: we are village) in 2016 and the Somatic Academy Berlin in 2012, where he manages the organisation, develops, curates and runs events and training courses and the STRETCH and BODY IQ festivals. As a somatic practitioner and pedagogue, he teaches Prof. Middendorf’s Breathexperience and Continuum and holds the German Heilpraktiker license for psychotherapy.
In 2002 he founded Authentic Eros – an offer for gay, bi and trans group processes around intimacy and touch, communication and personal development.

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