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Do you smell me?

Noam Raz

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A Feldenkrais inspired exploration of our own smell, the smell of others and everything between them. We shall smell ourselves, play consent games centered around sniffing, develop our capacity to track people like a dog and more. A delicate, slow, somewhat kinky ode to scent. Please don’t shower in the morning and don’t wear any deodorant. Shame is cherished and welcomed, so are all its friends and relatives.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Noam Raz

Noam Raz is a workshop facilitator, Feldenkrais practitioner and Family Constellation guide. He has trained and played with a variety of physical practices and approaches - Dance, Taiji, Meditation, Somatics, Kink, Voicework and Parkour. Coming originally from the realm of Philosophy (Wittgenstein!) and Linguistics, attention to language and its workings is somehow always in the background.

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