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Improvisational & Meditative Movement: Rhythm, Soul & Groove

Eddy D. Lathan IV

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The class utilizes a blend of various movement and meditation modalities in the forms of yoga/meditative movement, guided improvised movement, self-care techniques, and exercises, and even some dance, all cultivated into a singular practice that aims to be fun, and simple, yet, therapeutic and healing. This class aims to challenge each individual in discovering their own innate movement artistry through self-reflective exercises, though aware of others and surroundings, always focusing inwardly for self-growth

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Eddy D. Lathan IV

Eddy “Dijon” Lathan is a multidisciplinary artist & teaching artist with 15+ years combined of training, studying, teaching and performing. He trained and performed with The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory Repertory Company (2008-2013) and Dancers Unlimited NYC/Hawaii (2017 - 2020) both headquartered in NYC. He received his yoga teacher training in Goa, India (2019). In addition he is the Founder of NuDance: Naked Dance & Movement as well as a resident of New York City


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