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The gentle side of masculinity

Nattan Dobkin

he | they



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What is masculinity? Is it possible to stay on the masc side and be able to touch oneself in a gentile way? Can masculinity be embodied in different forms and shapes of ourselves? In this performance workshop we will attempt the impossible and be gentle with ourselves and others, allowing reclaiming our masculine sides while sharing the space physically exploring how it can mean something new to us and our surroundings.

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Nattan Dobkin

Nattan Dobkin, based both in Berlin, is a performance artist, teacher, and adjunct professor in the department of gender studies at Ben Gurion University and an activist member of a palestinian and anti zionist jewish cooperative "this is not an ulpan". He/They teach a performance-art course at 'The Garage' for students facing mental health challenges and regularly facilitates independent workshops in Europe that deal with the performer’s identity in sexual and political contexts on stage.

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