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Mourning ritual

hugo x tibiriçá & Jakob Klaffs

no pronouns | they | them



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there is so much to cry for in the world. to be able to mourn for our losses opens up a space to re-connect with our vitality and somatic integrity. this mourning ritual is an intentional space for each of us to feel sorrow, grief and mourn, while being held and witnessed by others in the group. where the grief of each of us is mourned by all of us; where no one cries alone. please come dressed up to mourn, and bring an intentional object that represents what you are grieving for.
this mourning ritual descends from a grief ceremony held by parneet chohan in the spring of 2023 in havelland, germany, inspired by the work of sobonfu somé.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

hugo x tibiriçá & Jakob Klaffs

i am hugo x tibiriçá (no pronouns / they / them), identifying myself as queer, trans, non-binary and migrant from a colonized land. i am a multi-disciplinary artist, somatic practitioner and workshop facilitator born and raised in brazil, of european, middle-eastern, north-african and amerindian heritage. as a somatic practitioner, I offer 1:1 sessions and group workshops based on somatic experiencing (se), a body-based approach to re-integrate trauma(tic) charge stored in the body. @hugo.x.tibirica_

i am jakob klaffs (he / him / they / them), a multi-disciplinary artist born and raised in and around hamburg. Out of a sense of lack of ritual tradition and practice, growing up as a queer person in the flat lands of northern germany, as well as a great fascination and attraction to it from a young age, i have long been involved with the subjects of ritual, performance, community and body-based practices. through that I have always been looking at the shadow of european-western culture and what could be a way towards insight and integration. @jakobklaffs

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