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Queer Decolonial Shabbat

David Bloom

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Jewish identity is often complicated. In that sense, the time we live in is no different than any other. And yet, something has recently shifted. I wish to offer a Friday evening Shabbat ritual that is open to anyone willing to engage respectfully and nonviolently with those who do not necessarily share their opinions. We will have a space for verbal sharing, followed by a lighting of the candles and a prayer for peace, justice, and decolonization.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

David Bloom

David Bloom (he/him) is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, parent, filmmaker, bodyworker, pianist, and fermenting Jewish mystic. David has taught in many contexts, including HZT Berlin, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Tanzquartier Vienna, Human Architecture Lab St. Petersburg, K3 Hamburg, M.A. CoDE Frankfurt, Touch & Play Festival, Rietveld Academy for Fine Arts & Design in Amsterdam, & ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna. Current PhD candidate at Zurich University of the Arts and Linz Arts University.

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