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Heal your queer inner-child

Adam R. Kalesperis

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Every Queer kid deserves a Queer mentor to guide them along their journey... but how many of us were fortunate to have that? We grow up learning what it is to be Queer from television, porn, and societies that stigmatize us. In this workshop, you'll explore creative methods to reconnect with your inner-child, develop tools to re-parent yourself, re-write false narratives imposed upon you, and become empowered in your authentic Queerness. Let's heal, embrace ourselves without shame, and come together!

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Adam R. Kalesperis

Adam R. Kalesperis has over 15 years of experience pioneering programs worldwide that use the arts as a means to heal and empower. In 2021 he began working exclusively with the LGBTQ+ community, creating and facilitating workshops that help queer people connect more deeply with their authentic selves. His empathic and compassionate approach fosters a safe space for participants to explore, connect, share, heal, and become empowered. Let’s embrace the beauty of our Queerness!

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