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Queer stories

Vlady Schklover

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Vlady will take you on a theatrical journey of life, love, and self-discovery through song and poetry. His music spans from epic pop to EDM pop, using avant-garde fashion, video projections, and poetic lyrics to narrate the struggles, highs, and lows of a queer man's life.

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Vlady Schklover

Vlady is an interdisciplinary artist, director, and producer from Berlin. He is the founder and host of "Lemonade Queers," "Queers in Music," the "Queerdom Variety Show," and one of Berlin's biggest drag festivals this year, "DRAGIFY." His shows have been successfully performed at venues such as Ballhaus Prinzenallee, Gretchen, Pride House, Schwuz, Weiße Rose, and Platte. He is the winner of the Queer Slam and was a selected reader at the LGBTQIA Authors Festival LITFEST Cologne in 2022.


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