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Entangled - Rope Beyond the Basics


No Pronouns



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Caritia invites participants to explore the connections & intimacies of the body in and moved by rope. This intentional space is for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge hands-on, from both the tying and being tied perspective. Pre-requisites: Must know how to do SCT, and understand the base principles of tension, basics of anatomy movement and active listening.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg


Caritia is an eclectic artist and creative. CEO and Co-Founder of Karada House &, two small independent companies based in Berlin (Germany). With over 20 years of personal and professional know-how in the divergent (from the now) lifestyles, space-holding, empowerment and body-based practices. Caritia: lives an LGBTQAI+, gender non conforming, BiPoC (a.f.a.b.) life. Walking a path with invisible disabilities and thriving because and despite the challenges, with grace, resilience and passion.

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