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Sexy strippy dancercise

Jorge De Hoyos




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For adventurous souls, we'll slide sensually together into a space of vulnerability, playfulness and arousal as we tune into our intrinsic erotic energies. We'll practice moving deeply from the inside, creative ways to strip off layers on the outside, watching, being watched, and appreciating each other in our sexy dances. Take a risk. We’ll start slow. Take a breath. We’ll eventually make each other pant. Sometimes it takes a supportive group to fully (s)express yourself.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Jorge De Hoyos

Jorge De Hoyos is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and CrossFit coach from California and based in Berlin since 2012. He loves to channel sexual and sensual energy when he warms up to dance...a potent and grounding way to connect to his own body and joyful when he can share this on the gogo platform, in a rehearsal or workshop, a stage or with friends and lovers.

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