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Shedding the shell

Baptiste Savatier

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We have built walls to protect ourselves from this threatening world. But let’s not be fooled by ourselves: we sometimes need to let the guard down. Here, I invite you to connect to the joyous, spontaneous and sensual parts of yourself, and let it remove the unnecessary layers that prevent vulnerability to have space, if only to breathe! The intention is for a space where emotional vulnerability and physical nudity are safe and possible.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Baptiste Savatier

I'm Baptiste, and have been practicing Tantra for over 10 years. I immediately loved the concrete and embodied approach to self-discovery, with a simple two-fold goal : to become more conscious and more alive! But I felt excluded from the cis-hetero design and perspective it was embedded in.
Hence, in 2021 I started facilitating queer tantra, at the intersection of neo-Tantra, ancient texts and the queer communities.


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