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Some Like It Hot: introduction to hot wax and candle play

Raf B.




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This hands-on workshop will offer an introduction to the sensual form of temperature play known as Wax Play. You will practice dripping body-safe melted wax on safe zones of your (or another’s) body.
We will cover the different types of wax that are acceptable for wax play as well as negotiation, set-up, preparation, dripping styles, wax removal, clean up, risk-reduction and after-care.
We will also discuss other sensation techniques to enhance the wax play experience. Materials provided. Wear old and loose clothes.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Raf B.

Raf is a 60 year old, white, British, queer, transmasc non-binary kinkster, living between Berlin and London. They are an educator, facilitator and coach, working in the areas of health, sex and BDSM. They are especially proud of their intergenerational networks and relationships.

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