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Strike a Pose: History and Old Way Vogue Dance Workshop

Armando Garrine and Carlos Ibarra

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Vogue Old Way is a dance style within ballroom culture, where performers showcase intricate hand and arm movements, striking poses. The ballroom culture was started by and for BIPOC trans people. Vogue Old Way emphasizes grace, precision, and creativity. Ballroom culture, rooted in African American-Latino LGBTQ+ communities, is a vibrant subculture encompassing various competitive dance styles, providing a supportive space for self-expression, acceptance, and celebration of queer identity.

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Armando Garrine and Carlos Ibarra

Armando Garrine is a Berlin based POC, queer person working in the field of Organisational Psychology. Inspired by Nichiren Buddhism , they believe that every single individual has unlimited potential, and that art is a very powerful expression of individuality and connection unconscious self. Music, lyric singing and classical piano, and dancing have been active passions that occupy a big portion of their life.

Carlos Ibarra is a Caribbean queer immigrant based in Lisbon that has a passion for dancing and activism. In 2019, found connection to the newly-born Ballroom Community in Lisbon and since then has walked in Major Balls, Kiki Balls and Vogue Nights. Old Way Vogue is dear to him because is rooted in the gay expression of the self, and the imagination of the possibilities of what one can be.


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