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The joy of rolling

Yin Haolong

he | him



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In this workshop, we explore our body in relation to gravity, how do we relate to the floor and how other body becomes landscape as an extension of the floor, how do we give and receive weight in a safe, playful, and trustful way, how can we enjoy rolling, both with ourselves and with each other, we will dive into our bodyminds, dance and laugh a lot, meanwhile experience a body-to-body, full weight, embracing and loving contact with one another.

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Yin Haolong

Yin Haolong (he/him) is a dance artist, somatic bodyworker and teacher, originally from China and currently based in Berlin, Germany. He works to bring contact improvisation and somatic practices into dance education at universities in China, as well as teaching in festivals and workshops internationally. At the moment, he is editing a book on the early work of Steve Paxton and dance improvisation.
@ haolongyin

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