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Witchy Animal Kink: Unleash the Wild Within

Jo Koppe

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Forget puppy play! Invite the dinosaurs, baby birds, mama bears, jaguars, bats, ravens, and reptiles to enter the playground and weave their spells. Critter-inspired movement explorations and encounters will lead to witchy animal kink bodywork sessions. Whether you want to unleash your hungry inner crocodile and sink your fangs into the soft flesh of your pray, lock horns with another mountain goat, or meet your fluffy rabbit siblings: All wild souls, creature-loving (wannabe) witches, and curious shapeshifters are invited to play. Awaken your inner animal, and embrace your embodied magic!

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Jo Koppe

Jo is embodying many things in his life, and has learned from many sources: from poets, dancers and movement magicians, from blind pigs and old songs, from witches, butches, dykes and divas, from activists and post-activists, from snails and whales, stones and oceans, from the newly born and from the dying, from his queer siblings across time and space, from those who are smart with concepts and theories, from those who are smart with their bodies, hands and hearts. They have all found their way into the landscape of what he does, feels, senses, thinks, creates, shares and teaches today.

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