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 | Stretch October 2021

Gal Naor

Self-Translated - a playful Mindful Celebration


Let’s move together! In this dancing session, we set our intentions and dive separately together into an abstract physical journey. We learn to listen to our body knowledge, practice handy “power stations,” and expand our mutual heart. Dress up comfortably or wear casual; this is an invitation to recharge our mental/emotional/physical bodies and listen to the unspeakable hidden Self.

This inclusive session is exclusively addressed to all types of GBTQ men.


Gal Naor is an Israeli Sign Language interpreter, theater maker, choreographer, and founder of The progressive wave, a creative initiative in Berlin. In their work, they combine dance, performance art, visual art, and consciousness studies. Their approach to the performance world is inclusive and based on the understanding that each body should move in its unique way. Including a diverse range of performers, their work is encouraging the empowerment of queer identities.


10:00 - 11:30 CET

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