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Club Untertage | Stretch dance

Dickey Doo


23:00 - 02:30


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Let's dance for joy!

Some of us have known the famous ''Glitzeretage'' at Maevon and Tom. Today we're meeting at another friend's place, Tim's, who welcomes us not in his living room but in his fabulous club: Untertage.

Dj Dickey will lead us through the night. He plaid already for we.are.village in 2019 for Dance for the Future Charity Night.

We create a safe space, where each of us can have fun. The evening is initially reserved for the participants, volunteers and teachers of Stretch Festival. This is not a commercial and public event. Just for us!
Of course you can bring your friends and family with you. We will ask them for a small contribution.

Club Untertage | Mehringdamm 32, 10961 Berlin
Entry Free for Stretch Participants, Volunteers and Teachers.
10€ at the Door for guest. Cash Only.
The party will end around 2:30.
Drinks will be at your expense.
(picture: Dance for the Future Charity Night 2019 by Rafael Medina)

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Dickey Doo

German/Canadian producer / deejay/ artist based in Berlin.

Over the last decade and a half, award-winning DJ Dickey Doo has played across the globe, from headlining the Castro Street Fair in San Francisco to the infamous Crobar in New York to Horse Meat Disco in Berlin. His Midas touch has graced major party cities including London,Vienna, Los Angeles, Gran Canaria, Montreal, and Toronto, and over his career has been hand-picked to play alongside legends such as Derrick Carter, David Morales, Louis Vega and Chez Damier.

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