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Authentic movement

Jorge De Hoyos



13:00 - 14:30

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Take a moment to ask and to listen. Your body has a lot to say. In this movement-based session we use the idea of Authentic Movement to sink into a deeper state of body-listening and ask ourselves questions about "queer" in our personal lives. How does that word or concept affect you? What emotions does it land on? How does it feel? How does queer move you? Dancing deeply inside. Eyes closed. Asking. Listening. Moving.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Jorge De Hoyos

Jorge De Hoyos is a freelance contemporary dancer, performer and performance maker from California, based in Berlin since 2012. Artists and teachers he’s worked with include San Francisco-based Sara Shelton Mann and Keith Hennessey as well as Berlin-based Meg Stuart, and Don Hanson for Bhakti Chi/Transforming Cellular Memory. Embodiment, spiritual development and sexuality are key factors that run through his work as an artist, teacher, writer, and sometimes bodyworker and sex worker.

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