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Boxing and balance & self awareness

Wanja Warscheid



11:00 - 12:30

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Boxing, Balance & self awareness is designed to give you the opportunity to discover yourself in a combat related movement class. You will find new ways of expressing yourself in a friendly approach and boxing will be your key to open new ways to express yourself through movement. You are going to discover ways to improve your confidence and you will discover new side of yours.

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Wanja Warscheid

My name is Wanja Warscheid and I teach boxing for 13 years by now. I am all about self awareness and movement. In my years as boxing coach I learned that everyone has a unique approach to movement. That is why I teach my students a way of expressing them self honestly through combat. A combat situation makes us pure and exposes our true self to others and especially to our self. That is what I do.

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