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 | Stretch Online Summer 2020


Passing It On: Cross-generational Dialogue and Queer History with David Weissman


Queers are among the few minority groups who don’t learn about our culture and history from our parents. In this workshop I will screen excerpts from a series I produced, CONVERSATIONS WITH GAY ELDERS, in which I worked with young gay filmmakers in to tell the stories of older gay men. We will explore cross-generational connections as a means of empowering younger and future generations. All ages encouraged to attend!


David Weissman is the producer of the seminal documentaries We Were Here, The Cockettes, and the series Conversations With Gay Elders. David has also been an activist, lecturer, and film festival programmer. A longtime resident of San Francisco and Portland, David has been involved with the West Coast Radical Faerie community for almost 20 years and has been increasingly interested in what it means to be an “elder” and “mentor” in queer community.

20:00 - 21:15 CET


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