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On this page, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the STRETCH FESTIVAL. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, you can reach out to us here: 

Who could benefit from this?

Men* & People identifying on a queer masculinities spectrum

  • who want to explore living a vibrant, erotically, and spiritually integrated life.

  • who are interested in healing.

  • who want to step into their potential.

  • who want to explore authentic self-expression through body, intimacy, movement, and voice.

  • who want to cultivate a deep connection to living in the here and now.

  • who want to broaden their consciousness.

  • who want to learn to be lovers in the broadest and the most specific sense of the word.

Can I register for individual days/workshops only?

  • You can book a day pass.

  • Single workshop tickets are not available though.

What if I’m in a workshop and asked to do something I don’t want to do?

  • Everything you experience and are asked to do is an invitation, never a must.

  • The intensity of your journey is always in your hands. Boundaries, consent, and communication are important.

  • Though we want to encourage you to dive into it, the festival by its name STRETCH implements situations or moments where we step into the unknown, which can make it possible for magic to happen.

I would love to participate but can't afford it. What do I do?

  • Please talk to us about flexible payment plans.

  • We may also have a few spots at a reduced cost for work exchange/volunteering.

  • No one will be turned away for lack of funds! Please let us know at

What language will workshops be in?

  • All workshops will be held in English.

  • If there are any language barriers, please make the facilitator, or the assistant aware of them, so that solutions can be found.

What do I have to prepare for the online workshops?

  • A technical device that enables you to join ZOOM meetings with a camera and speaker/microphone - there will be moments of sharing where we invite you to speak. (Download Zoom by clicking here LINK!)

  • Space for movement in your apartment or location - some workshops include dance or movement instructions.

  • Make this space comfortable with pillows and blankets for your own well-being.

  • Have drinks & snacks available so you don’t miss out on parts of the experience.

  • However, there will always be breaks and chances to look after yourself.

  • A notebook & pen for some workshops or for memories worth saving!

  • Wear comfortable clothing in layers (for warm & cold) that allow movement.


How will it work online?​

  • For some specific sessions, the door will be locked after starting and latecomers will be turned away.

  • We will not be accepting dial-in audio-only participants at this festival.


Why is Stretch Festival specifically for people who identify as male*?

  • The intention is not to exclude. The intention is to provide a space that serves one particular need out of many needs that exist in the world.

  • It's about a safe space for queer masculinities and the sexual orientations, erotic interests, and intimate relational dynamics within that particular field.

  • There is no question that a festival across all gender identities and across all sexual orientations is also a need. However, we specialize in events for Queer Masculinities (a spectrum of male-bodied, male-identified, genderqueer, and non-binary identifying people)

What security precautions are being taken?

  • In order to participate, each person needs to register for the festival.

  • They will then get the table with the links. People who have not registered with us first will have no access to the workshops

Do you have a hygiene concept in place for the
in-space workshops? 


Covid-19 and the monkey pox love crowds and people in close proximity. To protect ourselves and each other as much as possible while allowing connection and contact, please read and follow our health guidelines below:


  • Please come with your own quick test for each day. Testing will take place with a witnessing festival volunteer in the outdoor yard of the venue.

  • As this will take up 15 min of everyone's time, please make sure to arrive early enough.

  • In addition, there are Quick Test Centers ( if you prefer to get a test there. 

  • Please note that this time we DO NOT provide tests

  • If you do not have your own test you will be sent to get one. 

  • Wash your hands upon arrival.


  • We ask you to come to the festival only if you are completely free of symptoms. First symptoms can be fever, headache, muscle or back pain or swollen lymph nodes, followed by sometimes painful skin changes - from rashes/spots to nodules and blisters to pustules, sores and scabs.

  • Transmission occurs through close physical contact, especially through sex. 

  • Anyone born before 1972 has most likely already been vaccinated against pox. By the way, this can be recognized by a small scar on the upper arm. This vaccination still has a certain protective effect and can prevent infection or at least lead to a milder course of the disease. 

  • Vaccination is now widely available. We strongly recommend getting vaccinated and/or boostered. 

  • Monkeypox does not pose a life-threatening risk, but may be very unpleasant and put sufferers out of action for 2 to 4 weeks. Hospitalization is also necessary in severe, painful cases. 

  • Deutsche Aidshilfe Info Flyer 

A ticket refund due to health issues arising one week prior or during the festival is not possible. Guidelines are subject to change.


Cancellations or rescheduling to an alternate date must always be made in writing at the Festival organisation. No Refund trough Should a participant at an event cancel without providing a substitute participant, registration fees will be credited as follows:

  • Up to 1 month before the event begins: 100% with a cancellation fee of 20€

  • After that, a refund is no longer possible.

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