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 | Stretch Online Summer 2020


The Naked Truth - Your Story is our community with Joseph Kearney


The seeds of storytelling - where do our ideas come from? Why do some work so well and others fall flat? Reflect on your life's journey to date, can you tease out some pivotal moments, some memories that are clear and come to you again and again, something filled with joy, some sad thoughts, some time in your life you were successful and some time you failed?


As a Dramatherpist, journalist and actor/public speaker I have been telling queer stories all of my life. I tell stories at a centre in Amsterdam; Mezrab, and it has been a tonic for my soul. The art of storytelling has so many healing properties and can help the teller and audience to re-frame a memory or share a common understanding through metaphor and ritual. I use this healing storytelling in my work.

19:00 - 20:00 CET


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