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 | Stretch Online Summer 2020


Stretch, Don’t Strain - Cultivating A Home Yoga Practice with Kevin Kortan


We all need support and guidance in creating a new habit. For it to be effective, a home yoga meditation practice doesn't need to be an hour long. As one master put it, it's better to do a short practice with some consistency, than to do a long practice inconsistently. Experience two 20-minute practices - a daytime practice to motivate, and an evening practice for better sleep. Experience your home practice as something you want to do, a refuge, a haven of healing & strength.


Kevin Kortan enjoys working with men in groups and individually, helping them become more authentically themselves through the practices of yoga, touch, and sound healing. He co-created and taught the workshop "Power, Pleasure, & Play" with Kai Ehrhardt in New York and Easton Mountain. Kevin danced professionally, touring internationally including the world-renowned Trisha Brown Dance Company. He has taught yoga for 25 years and trained yoga teachers for over 15 years. Kevin is also a Yoga Therapist, Movement Therapist, and teaches Experiential Anatomy, Dance, and Chanting.

17:30 - 19:00 CET


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