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 | Stretch Online Summer 2020


Queer Sound Healing Immersion with Mathew Bergan & Jonny Seymour


Queer Sound Healing is an immersive sound journey into the deep nature of being; an embodied soulful healing ritual, celebrating queerdom & survival. It offers a ceremonial space for LGBTQI people to acknowledge the deep truths about who they are & presents the potential to awaken to the higher Self. A multi-sensory transcendental sonic meditation designed to uplift the Soul & improve mental health. It includes ritual, body work, narrative therapy, sound, song, vibroacoustic therapy.


Facilitators are Stereogomous, including Paul Mac & Jonny Seymour with Matthew Bergan, one of Sydney’s leading identities in yoga & former queer performance artist. Over the past 25 years Seymour & Mac have been producing & DJ’ing electronic music, Bergan has been exploring yoga, Tantra & urban spiritualism. Stereogamous remixes include LCD Soundsystem, Rufus Du Sol, George Michael & Kylie

10:00 - 11:30 CET


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