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 | Stretch Online Summer 2020


Poetry and Embodiment
with Michael Gilroy


Keats said
“touch has a memory”,
Touch is something I notice is not available to a lot of us right now..
And maybe poetry can ‘act ‘
As way in to this
Present moment
that touch sometimes can do..
We will explore together
how poetry can
Open our field of

‘My lips got lost on the way to the kiss - that's how drunk I was.’


Mike Gilroy Is Boston based, Irish born, Eclectic lover of Poetry and nature.
He has been a member of The Eastonmountainmens community for 11 years. He has a history of frolicking with diverse community’s: from Body Electric school
to Authentic Eros & the Radical Fairies & as a facilitator for a local lgbt Catholic group .
He spends time as a Community builder and as a Facilitator with Meditation and Working for Peace.

15:00 - 16:00 CET


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