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 | Stretch Online Summer 2020


Sensual Self Massage and Touch with Zahiro Ji


In this workshop we give our body a self treatment with elements of Dynamic Bodywork, Meridian Streaming Techniques and Thai Yoga Massage.
We will travel with touch through our bodies using our palms, fingers, arms, our legs and feet with different dynamics and qualities. Here sensuality is invited and clothing is optional . This means you are welcome to take off parts of your clothes or leave your clothes on, just as it feels good for you. To be comfortable we will use a chair (best without backrest) and a mat on the floor.


Zahiro Ji originally coming from contemporary dance is now besides a movement facilitator mainly a Thai Massage Facilitator and teacher. He works as a holistic health practitioner in Berlin, Germany. Offering bodywork and movement in various surroundings. He loves to link both of them together to create new fields of exploration. In September he starts a one year "Intuitive Thai Meridian Massage Training" and a " Sensual Thai Massage" Weekend.

16:00 - 17:30 CET


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