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 | Stretch Online Oct 2020

Torsten Bless & Marco Astolfi

Stretch Heart Circle


This Stretch Festival offers you the opportunity to experience intense days in times that already are extraordinary. Here you can find a space just for yourself to talk about what moves you, in a community consisting of fellow Stretchers. The Heart Circle was created by Native Americans and adapted by the US Radical Faeries. It is a place where we can sit together in trust, to speak from the heart and listen with our hearts, honoring different life experiences and lifestyles without judging and discussing.


Torsten works as an editor and writer, has found his way to the Authentic Eros/Village community through the Easter Stretch Festival 2015, graduate of the One-Year Training 2016 and co-host of the Village Heart Circle since the summer of 2017 (together with Marco).
Marco is a literature translator, a writer, a storyteller and a faerie. He uses his autobiographic writings as a tool for healing, integration and transformation. Fellow Stretcher from 2014, Village regular, co-hosts the monthly Heart Circle for gbtq men and the Book Club. Attended the One Year Training in 2018 and currently assisting the 2020 one. Privates Talks is a revised upgraded version of the Cock O’Clock workshop given at Easter Stretch 2019.

20:30 - 22:00 CET


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