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 | Stretch Online Easter 2021

Prem Khalid

Whirling Dance


Dancing, in ancient times, was not separate from worshiping. Emotions were respected and expressed through movement in conscious, ritual ways. In this workshop, we allow music to move our energy and let it flow through our bodies. Through whirling we become aware of our unmoving center when everything is moving. This technique helps us tune into our heart and connect with the love, joy and intimacy that reside there.


Khalid was born in Syria and spent his childhood there. At the age of 18, he moved to Greece where he found the delight of dancing, exploring several types of active meditation and dancing techniques from various old traditions, teachers and wisdom roots. He began a journey of acceptance and self-love finding the connection between body, mind and soul.

11:00 - 12:00 CET


The list of facilitators and the program of Stretch Festival for Gay, Bi, Trans & Queer Men are subject to last minute changes.

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