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Stretch Festival October 2021

Porträt Thomas Kampe ©Steve Blunt.jpg

Jay Barry


I am a drag queen, artist, queer activist, costume designer, embodiment workshop creator and massive homosexual. What more do you want darling? I am trying to cultivate joy, in myself, my community and with my work, I think its so political and healing to find that spark. You dont need my CV babes you just need to trust me and let go.
Jay Barry Matthews is an accomplished artist, costume designer and drag queen. Having worked across the world from the biggest movies, festivals and concerts to small remote charity projects they found passion in life again from creating queer community workshops that aim to give people a space to express themselves freely and authentically. Matthews hosts Catwalk events across Tempelhofer Feld runway in Berlin to cultivate joy in activism making it more sustainable and enjoyable.

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