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 | Stretch Online Oct 2020

Kevin Kortan

Stretch, Don’t Strain -
Cultivating A Home Yoga Practice


We all need support and guidance in creating a new habit. For it to be effective, a home yoga meditation practice doesn't need to be an hour long. As one master put it, it's better to do a short practice with some consistency, than to do a long practice inconsistently. Experience two 20-minute practices - a daytime practice to motivate, and an evening practice for better sleep. Experience your home practice as something you want to do, a refuge, a haven of healing & strength.

• Set a timer for 15 mins before the workshop begins to allow time to sign in.
• Set up a yoga mat (or on a firm carpet) and any props you would like to use (for example, blankets, a bolster, a chair if you use one.)
• If possible, set up your camera so that your whole body and mat can be seen in the frame during the practices, ideally whether seated, standing, or lying down. If that is not possible, no worries.
• If you do not wish to be seen during the practices, you can keep your camera off.


Kevin Kortan enjoys working with men in groups and individually, helping them become more authentically themselves through the practices of yoga, touch, and sound healing. He co-created and taught the workshop "Power, Pleasure, & Play" with Kai Ehrhardt in New York and Easton Mountain. Kevin danced professionally, touring internationally including the world-renowned Trisha Brown Dance Company. He has taught yoga for 25 years and trained yoga teachers for over 15 years. Kevin is also a Yoga Therapist, Movement Therapist, and teaches Experiential Anatomy, Dance, and Chanting.

17:30 - 19:00 CET


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