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Befriending the body through self and communal holding


18:00 - 19:30

Skylar Haven


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We are often taught to approach the body as a means to an end. A vehicle for productivity, pleasure, or desirability whose limitations are to be pushed through when possible. What if we took a radically different approach? Befriending the body. As it is right now. Listening to and meeting its voice with kind touch and holding. States of (un)dress and/or genital holding are welcomed. There will be options for holding / being held by others.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Skylar Haven

Skylar (they/them) is based in The Netherlands and identifies as queer and trans non-binary. Their work often focuses on supporting wellbeing and incorporates the radical and healing potential of embodiment, rest, and pleasure. Skylar is a somatic coach, IAYT certified yoga therapist, trauma-informed mindfulness/compassion/yoga teacher, sexological bodyworker in training and founder of Collaborative Motion, Queer Somatics and Indie Tarot. They recently completed a master’s thesis in coaching focused on trans activist intersectional lived experiences and wellbeing.

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