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Circle run


11:00 - 12:30

Jo Koppe


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We are alive. We are humans. We are moving.
The world is coming apart. The world is coming together.
We are all in this together. We are all in this alone.

This is an invitation to a collective ritual based on a simple movement score by choreographer Mia Habib. A circular movement meditation on our humanness. A space for wordlessness. A space for grief. A space for celebration. A space to be. A space to bear witness. A physical contemplation of how we move through time and space, as who we are and who we are becoming, alongside those who we share this time and space with.

***Note that nudity will be invited (but not required!) during the ritual. Not in a sexualized way, but as an invitation to show ourselves and witness each other as the vulnerable, diverse, beautiful living beings that we are.***

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Jo Koppe

Jo Koppe is on an ongoing journey of weaving, integrating and sharing a variety of different experiences, practices and perspectives. He has a background in dance as well as in Sociology and Gender studies. He has worked as a performer and dramaturg, in social justice education, as a masseur, as a personal assistant for differently abled people, and in end of life care. He has been initiated into the “natural religion of being trans” and thus “almost automatically being a witch” (says Anohni).

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